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[mccode] Heal Mod [$5.00]


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Ok i saw this mod idea on Amazon-Survival and asked Nyna if i could make one and she said yes so here it is.




1 Instructions

Price $5

Infomation - Screenshots

The mod is a hospital mod which lets the users heal the user if they want to and has a 50/50 chance of healing them.


They select the heal button and then there is a chance they get into hospital themself and the other they heal the person successfuly and they are both not in hospital.



This mod is for V1 and i am happy to convert for you to V2 for free if you would like.

Any querys PM me.

Paypal [email protected]

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Heal Mod [$5]

This heal facility is a very simple mod, something that is available in a number of games -- I saw no reason to refuse permission nor to consult with either mdshare or Scarlet on this.

Anyone can "attempt" to copy what we do -- certain features we may complain about, in general the code itself can be copied -- Of course, it will never be the same, and I'll guarantee that I can up with ideas that noone will be able to copy without a lot of experience. I've already modified the heal system from when we took over, and Klik has not seen any of the new code (He may however have seen other source files from AS prior to us taking it over).

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