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[mccode] 3 in 1 Bank System [$20.00]


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Name: 3 in 1 Bank System Modification

Type: Paid

Version: 2

Cost: $20

Copies: 10/20 (Dependent)

Files Included:

1. 2 PHP Files (investment.php && staff_invest.php)

2. 1 SQL File (db.sql)

3. 1 Instructions File (instructions.html)

4. 2/3 Crons Included in instructions.html

At first glance, this modification may seem to be a simple investment bank, especially since the name [investment.php]. However, this mod is actually completely different and is just named this after I decided to edit the investment bank I made. A screenie below shows you an example of what the mod is:



This is a normal bank, an investment bank and a loanshark all in one file. It is secured upto good standards and is the first modification I have coded from <?php to ?> :).


Basically, the investment bank comes with staff functions. This allows the owner to create different interest rates for different periods of times. For example, they may choose for money to be invested for 10 days and return with an interest of 3.82% (all interests are to 2D.P). They can do this by entering the number of minutes in 10 days (14,400) which is calculated by a convertor in the staff functions I've created. They then enter 3.82 into the interest box. And they're done, a rate is created, as shown below:







The user then goes to investment.php and is able to type in the ID of the investment they want, and how much cash to invest (minimum $10,000 - can be changed on request). The time here is not displayed in minutes but in days, hours, minutes...whatever is appropriate :). Some more screenshots show details on how it works.


This is a table of the interest rates viewable by the user on investment.php. More are added through the staff functions mentioned.




I've now typed in the ID [2] and money [$100,000]. Rest assured that in all of the input boxes here, I have disallowed them to have text entered. Now, I've chosen ID [2] and as seen from the table this will give me 2.32% interest.




I've invested it and it tells me it's in for 2 days



You may have noticed the collect cash buttons. I click this while I still have time for my loan to finish.



And I get this error:



Once an investment has been started, a notice appears telling me how long's left.



The time has gone down, and it's displayed in days+minutes at present:



The investment is over. I click collect cash and get a transaction receipt! :)



I get this receipt sent to my events aswell! :)






This mod costs $20 purely because of the amount of work I put into it. I did not use a single bit of any other mod (except one thing - the display time :P). I will update this post later on. The next post will have screenies of the Bank And LoanShark (no writing because it's late - bedtime :).


Please contact me via PM or on msn: [email protected]. Paypal address is my MSN. You will receive a ZIP file if bought.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

UPDATE: Bank and Loanshark screenies added below




Please Note: When you deposit/withdraw from bank, borrow/pay from loanshark or invest/collect from investing, you will get a transaction receipt. But ONLY a complete invest will send one to your events. I've done transaction receipts so users can screenshot for evidence to staff if needed.








Please Note: A few things like interest rates on bank...loanshark etc or the basic layout can be edited by me on request. I can also guide you fully throughout installation, add me on [email protected] or I can install the mod for you. This applies to all mods I make, even freebies :-P

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

Okay z-e-r-o firstly, my mod is made from scratch. I said that I made an investment bank and added the extra features to it. I eve said that its the first mod I made completely from scratch (except the display time in days,hours,mins etc). This was all clearly stated in the first post.

Also you merit sytem is $10...or that's what the title says. 3 times cheaper would be $5 from my merit system, so get the facts right. And the reason your bank is cheaper may be because it's a bank with an extra feature. My one is alot more than that.

I would appreciate if you would read my post clearly, i.e it is from scratch.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

Well I would NEVER buy from Akash again. Mods don't work & then there is never any response from him.

both mods I bought from him are absolutely useless. No response from mails or MSN for 3 weeks.

Looks like a Paypal dispute is the only thing that will work despite numerous promises.

I've bought several mods from others before & never had to deal with such incompetence.

Be careful who you purchase off on CE. I have bought many things & never had a problem before. I will stick to dealing with adults from now on as at least they know how to get problems sorted out.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

huh wtf

not to intrude

but i think akash does a pretty well a very good job imo

i never got any problems just minor once which are fixed ASAP

and i can say that even best coders find minor errors sometimes

im sorry but i disagree with you here

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]


Well I would NEVER buy from Akash again. Mods don't work & then there is -100 customer service.

All mods I bought & paid for from him are Absolutely useless. No response from mails or MSN for 3 weeks.

Looks like a Paypal dispute is the only thing that will work despite numerous promises.

Please don't be stupid enough to buy a mod from Akash. I have bought several mods from others before & NEVER EVER had to deal with such incompetence.

I bought one modfrom Akash & I was harassed afterwards into buying other shit that doesn't work.

Be careful who you purchase off on CE. I have bought many things & never had a problem before. I will stick to dealing with adults from now on & I will keep you posted on how my first ever Paypal dispute works out.

Hi Ken,

Before you post things which threaten my sales and my work, I would like to advise you and qquestion you on the following:

1. Firsty, you have only brought two of my mods, which therefore means you cannot accuse 'All mods are useless/don't work'.

2. As far as I remember, you brought the Email Validation, and this 3 in 1 Bank. With the 3 in 1 Bank, you reported this error:


*The 3-1 bank loan shark isn't working & doesnt get the money back or put the user in hosp as stated. When the loan day reaches 0 nothing happens at all.

Those are you exact words, and I reminded you on MSN before, to install the cron file, and actually run it. It isn't my fault that you have not run it. All of the errors you reported above, are to do with crons. I provide you with mods, instructions and installation, but you did not ask for that.

Now, the second error is:

*Mainly email register is not putting in the right sign-up date & its bugging the hell out of me.

I specifically told you, that I will not be on MSN during the Saturday-Tuesday period, which you accepted. However, I have been on MSN for two days since, Wednesday and thrusday, but you were not on during my time limits. Again, I cannot work every little thing around you; it's not my fault that we don't catch eachother on MSN.

3. I did not harasss you. You brought one mod, and as a way to tempt you, I linked you to the rest of my mods on CE and gave you details. From there, you purchased the 3 in 1 Bank. Now I'm sure that a 14 year old (me) did not force/harass you into buying anything. I simply asked and linked you. :|

4. 'Other shit that doesn't work'. Well I don't think one minor bug, would mean the whole mod doesn't work. Tell me how the sign up time of a user being wrong makes the whole mod not work?

5. I have responded to your PMs on CE and I am able to provide screenshots of my replies if needed. Even though I mentioned that I rarely check my CE PMs, you still continued to PM me instead of leaving me an offline MSN message/email.


Finally, I am sorry you feel this way about young people. So far, I'vehad around 20 customers for different mods, and you're the only one to complain. The rest have been co operative, especially some, who've apparently 'suffered' me not being there for a few days!

Edit: Another thing guys: For anyone who's reading this post, and thinks bad of my, or decides not to purchase any more of my work, I do care , not about my cash loss (because at 14 I don't really give a damn about that), but I care that people immediately disagree with me because of one untrue post. However, if you do feel this way about me, there's nothing I can do. Personally, if you don't like me, or my work due to my age/Ken's comment, I would be upset, as you automatically believe the 'mature adult'.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

I have been on MSN & left messages & sent PM's to get in contact & no response. You were supposed to get back to me on Wednesday when you got back home & I've heard nothing!! Any probs I've had before with anyone else's stuff has been sorted out within hours & not weeks. The instructions were carried out to the letter & it doesn't work. I'm sure it's something simple but you aren't going to fix it if you don't get in touch now are you??

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

Hmm, firstly, I did get back to you after my holiday, on Thursday, and you replied to my message, so that's a lie.

Also, if my registration mod was so bad and it didn't work, then why are you using it? And don't say I'm not, I've checked on your game and all you've done is change the sign_up.php to register.php.


You're using my mod, so obviously it does work :|.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]


Ken how did u like the mod i sold you? any problems with them? or if so did i ever not help or ask if you needed help fixing or installing them

always treat the customers right because they are always right... giving some exceptions lol



I'd prefer it if others didn't get involved especailly as they don't actually know what happened.

I'll let you know that Ken is the exception in this case, as I did reply to him on CE, but we just never managed to catch eachother on MSN. So he decided to post something which is threatening towards my sales.

A bit unfair really.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

Akash I posted in the forums the other night after 3 1/2 weeks of PM's trying to get the problems sorted out. All I wanted was for my mods to work as they were supposed to.

I do use the registration mod as the problems with it are not major but it is still putting incorrect information into my database & I wanted it sorted. That's why I only asked for 1/2 the money back on that. It's usable but not working properly & you haven't provided the bug support as agreed.

The 3-1 bank I can't use at all as I needed the bugs fixed to make the basics of it work.

All this hassle has started because you were being completely unreasonable expecting me to hang on for almost a month to get a few bugs sorted that any other seller would have sorted within a couple of hours.

I don't even like posting on forums in the first place Akash & the last thing I wanted to do was harm sales for you & that's why I continually asked you to sort out my probs through PM's. You never tried to get me on MSN or you wouldn't have missed me. I just want to warn other people that if they are expecting the same level of support from you that they get from other sellers then they are in for a shock. As far as I'm concerned you took the money & didn't give a damn about the quality of it & continually fobbed me off.


Yeah Zero I have bought 4 mods from you & every single one has been on my game the day I bought them & are great. Any time I have contacted you with a problem or anything & you have got it sorted out ASAP & that's the same with other sellers I bought off. I will just stick to the ones I know & trust from now on. I have learned a couple of lessons from this.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]

I replied to your PMs, as I've said numerous times. I've been on MSN quite alot and still, we haven't been able to talk on there. now don't blame me for not catching you on MSN, I can't be expected to come on during your exact timings.

The 3 in 1 Bank has no bugs, and I've already told you that you haven't been running the crons correctly. however, you still fail to listen :|.

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Re: 3 in 1 Bank System [$20]


It's my business if your giving coders bad names and CE a bad name

if you was there to accept the money you should be there to fix any bugs.

if not then don't sell mods

This post itself gives CE a bad name and other sellers on here because someone is unhappy with your people skills, your mod is nice but your attitude towards the people who pay you seems to lack something.

Maybe think about refund :?

I personally wouldn't want to waste 20 bucks for some written in a php file that never did what it was supposed to do.

it's like buying a can of larger full of water... would you not want a refund?

This is a little harsh as Akash is in the right.

P.S. It is a great modification, and I haven't faced any problems yet.

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