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  1. Re: [mc code V2]Updated Lottery I have no idea what I can do. I have tested this again on my dev site. Works perfectly for me. Perhaps you've installed something wrong. Apologies.
  2. Re: [MCcode] Raffle Script out of interest I recommend you sell it, it's slightly more advanced that the current scripts out there that are similar. Good luck
  3. Re: [mc code V2]Updated Lottery   Sorry, I ALWAYS forget this. Use the file below.   <?php require('globals.php'); $ticketPRICE = 10000; //Price of a lottery ticket, change this. if(!isset($_GET['buy'])) { $lotterySQL = sprintf("SELECT * FROM `lottery` WHERE `userID` = %d", abs((int)$userid)); $myTICKETS = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query($lotterySQL)); // Query checks how many tickets the user had. $tickets = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `lottery`")); // Query checks how many tickets have been purchased. echo'<h3>Weekly Lottery
  4. Re: [mc code V2]Updated Lottery   I don't really think a screenshot is necessary. It's just a page saying: x no of tickets have been purchased, you have x no tickets and whatthe Jackpot is.
  5. Re: [mc code V2]Updated Lottery   Thanks, didn't know that. Well anyone who uses this, might aswell use what HD has posted, it's more efficient :-)
  6. Re: [mccode v2] Lottery I've posted an updated, what looks to be a bug free version of the lottery. Only one table in the DB with 3 fields. No fields added to the users table and the modification is much more efficient. http://criminalexistence.com/ceforums/i ... ic=29157.0 is the link Please report any bugs, queries or anything else to my email: [email protected]
  7. Hey guys, I'm only posting a new topic because my old one is so long, that the updated version won't necessarily get noticed. My previous lottery was very buggy and many users had problems with it. Apologies for that. This one doesn't have any bugs when tested by myself and a few others. Each ticket costs $10,000 and the jackpot builds up as you buy tickets. There's no limit to how many tickets you can purchase and once the week is up, the money is automatically credited to the winner. The winner is chosen randomly using the PHP 'mt_rand' function. So there's no involvement of any sta
  8. Re: [V2]Coin Toss Modification   Sorry about that, I'm just changing that now.
  9. Re: [V2]Coin Toss Modification   Nice idea, I'll do that if I get some time. :)
  10. Re: [V2]Coin Toss Modification   Thanks
  11. Hey guys, One of my simplest mods, I had a bit of time to spare so here it is: Details: All you need to do is bet up to $500,000 and choose heads or tails. If the coin lands on the correct one, you win double. If not, you lose your bet cash. No images, only text. Version: V2 (2.0.0)   <?php /******************************************* -- Coin Toss Modification, for MC Codes V2 -- Free for modification -- Copyright (c), Revolutionary Gaming 2009 -- Not for resale *******************************************/ require('globals.php'); if(!isset($_POST['bet'])) { echo' <h3
  12. Re: [self Made] New Login Page Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this awfully similar to the one here: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/ug/crowthep/documents/index.txt If that is your website, I apologise/if I have read wrong or something, I am sorry. If it is from there, at least give credit to them.
  13. Re: Where do people host? Lunar Pages... I host with them and they're great, no problems so far, it's fast, very cheap. In total, I paid $118.80 for two years of hosting with a free domain (for a year). The amount of space they give is immense, some statistics below: Space: 1500 GB Bandwidth: 5000 GB Emails: 999 Subdomains: 999 Parked Domains: 999 Add-on Domains: Unlimited MySQL Databases: 999 FTP Accounts: 999 That was what I purchased in May 2008. Now they have even better plans :)
  14. Re: [mccode] Customisable Merit System [$15.00] Like I explained to you already on MSN, it didn't say it gives merits. Although it didn't say is doesn't either, like people have said, you should have read properly and asked. I'll talk to you on MSN about this but you shouldn't really have moaned/posted negatively about the mod until we have it sorted between us.
  15. Re: Which piece of code is better to use? Thanks for all the help guys. :)
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