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[REVIEW] www.2452thegamev2.com ---- Please review!!


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Just opened on May 19th, 2008. The game is formatted for those that have jobs, school, college, etc. Missing a few days of game play will not take you out of the competition. No worries about the "wallet warrior" trying to power train pass you because every player has limits for Energy refills. 2452TheGameV2 is loaded with a mass amount of weapons, destinations, new attacking options, and an exclusive war system that allows you to take your enemy to the Hostage Camp. Join us today, its free to play! Sign up today and use the promo code V2.

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Re: [REVIEW] www.2452thegamev2.com ---- Please review!!


Ratings for this Game

Layout 10

Front Page 10

Banner 10

Design 10

Navigate 10

interesting you always say that.

right my review:


The register is great, love the way you did it.

banner isn't so bad.

coding is quite good.


The login is basic the login button reminds me of criminalisland in the old days.

You're theme is kinda basic.

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Re: [REVIEW] www.2452thegamev2.com ---- Please review!!

2452 is another game that is once again overloaded with game play but doesn't have the layout and aesthetics to keep people playing over and over.. It really is amazing to me how much a good layout and interface matters when it comes to a game. It really is the most important aspect of any game.. I think as game developers its common for us to want to convert all of our ideas into code and once we see that the game is functional we tend to forget about the foundation of the game and leave some of that up to our imaginations.. But users think differently.. Its all about presentation and layout.. Some of the best (most popular) browser based games are extremely simple when it comes to game play and have even less features than there are in 2452, but because of their sleek design and layout people keep coming back and playing for some reason..

I personally am a game-play guy.. could care less about graphics.. but most people are a different type of gamer and they need those props and designs to keep them attached.. I think a new layout and design would take this game a lot further.. just my honest opinion.. Good luck to the guys putting this together! Keep chiseling away at this one!

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