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Re: crons?


ok imma post 2 things in 1

first thing

1.my crons it says this /usr/bin/crontab permissions are wrong. Please set to 4755


ok look i changed them to it see

curl http://bongtokers.ej.am/cron_fivemins.php?code=4755

but in legacy file manager when i change the permissions i can only change to 0755 wtf how do i fix this

and the second thing

2.tht updated newspaper i got it all fixed except when i come up to the last to things after adding the links in staff panel idk where to put that where do i btw i am using v2

plz mail me with my 2 problem solutions

[email protected]

or msg me hre on game

Dont use legacy manager, use the normal bloody file manager...

Learn English, at least right bloody properly! F sake!

I dont understand any sh*t you said

I'll add you on msn, and pray to god you don't chat like that on msn...[[Prayer Started]]



...coupla hours later

[[ Prayer Ended ]]


or msg me hre on game

This aint a bloody game..fish!

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Re: crons?

first of all the permission is not what goes at the end of the cron, your long code out of config.php goes there...

it is the permission of the folder you need to change which can be found in the file manager when you enter the select the file.

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