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Learn IRC in less then 1 hour! - IRC Guide


Ok let me tell you a few things about IRC, Its used all over the Internet, There are many IRC servers. Its one of the best forms of communication, and most major sites have there own IRC server / channel. IRC stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. Jarko Oikarinen in university first created it in 1988. Michael Sandrof released IRC to the public in 1989. IRC can be used for many things, not just talking by text, But such things as acts, modes, bots etc etc.

CE Server info

- Server: irc.iPocalypse.net

- Server IP:

- Default Channel: #php-games

- Port: 6667 (Default)

Created: April 30th 2007.

Owner: Ipocalypse Group

IRC Channel Admins: Nickson, a_bertrand

Opers / Helpers: N/A

General Commands

Act - /me action here – Your nickname will act on a channel.

Whois - /whois nickname – Whois’s a nickname supplying you with several information about them.

Exwhois - /extwhois nickname – Extra whois’s the nickname, givin you slightly more information then a normal whois.

DNS - /dns nickname – DNS’s the selected nickname returning the server there on and IP.

Uwho - /uwho nickname – Brings up several information about the user.

Query - /query nickname – Opens up a private chat box with the selected nick.

Message - /msg nickname message – Sends the selected nickname a message.

Notice - /notice nickname message – Sends the selected nickname a notice.

Rules - /rules server - Displays the rules for the server.

Hop - /hop - Parts and rejoins a channel.

Cycle - /cycle channel1 channel2 channel3 - Like hop, But for varios channels.

Map - /map - Map of the network.

Quit - /quit reason - Quits from the server.


Before you read this you should know, that not all the commands can be used by you, some are only be done by op’s, admin’s, halfop’s, voice’s, owner’s, oper’s & net admins. If the command doesn’t work, your see an “Access Denied” text appear, this is how you will know you need more permission.


Servs are on IRC to make IRC easier and they use several commands each.

The main servs are:






(These are all used on the CE server atm.)

Other Servs:


-Operserv (Only useable by opers / net admins)

Also “/msg “ can be replaced with just the serv, e.g: “/msg nickserv help” can be replaced with “/nickserv help”.

Now I will explain how to use each serv.


Nickserv is used for any commands related to your current nickname, There are many commands on this serv.

These commands are:

Register - /msg nickserv register password email – This will register your nickname.

Group - /msg nickserv group orignalnickname password – This will group your nicknames together, so they cant be stolen or used.

Glist - /msg nickserv glist – This will show you all the nicknames in your group atm.

Identify - /msg nickserv identify password – This will identify your nickname.

Access - /msg nickserv accesss add / del / list @host – This will add other people with other host’s to your nick access list. So if someone has a certain host, e.g: “@blahblah.com” and you add them to it, There be on the access list automatically.

Set - /msg nickserv set option – Set can be used for many things in your nickname. Such as:

Display, Password, Language, URL, Email, ICQ, Greet, Kill, Secure, Private, Hide, Msg & Autooop.

(Use the above as your option)

To find out about each of these individual set options type “/msg nickserv help set option”

Drop - /msg nickserv drop – Will drop / un-register your current nickname.

Kill - /msg nickserv kill nickname password – Will kill someone who has stolen your nickname.

Recover - /msg nickserv recover nickname password – Will recover your nickname if someone has stolen it.

Forgot Pass - /msg nickserv sendpass nickname – Will send your password to your email address.

Ghost - /msg nickserv ghost nickname password – Will kill someone who has stolen your nickname from the server.

Alist - /msg nickserv alist – Will list all the channels you have access in.

Info - /msg nickserv info nickname – Will give various information about this nickname.

List - /msg nickserv list pattern – Will list all the nicknames on the server what contains the pattern.

Logout - /msg nickserv logout – Will log your current nick out.

Status - /msg nickserv status – Returns owner status of the nickname.

Update - /msg nickserv update – Update several owner / your nickname status.

Nickserv will automatically delete any nicknames not used in 90 days.

For more information on this server type “/msg help nickserv”.


Chanserv is used for commands regarding channel type things.

Chanserv can also give certain nicks permissions, These permissions in order of most permissions are.

Owner (~)

Admin (&)

Op (@)

Halfop (%)

Voice (+)

Register - /msg chanserv register #channel password description – Join the channel, make sure your nick is registered / identified, then type the above to officially register it.

Identify - /msg chanserv identify password – Will identify your current nick.

Set - /msg chanserv help set – Will allow to set various options.

SOP - /msg chanserv sop #channel add / delete / list nickname – Will add someone to the SOP list in the channel.

AOP - /msg chanserv aop #channel add / delete / list nickname – Will add someone to the AOP list in the channel.

HOP - /msg chanserv hop #channel add / delete / list nickname – Will add someone to the HOP list in the channel.

VOP - /msg chanserv vop #channel add / delete / list nickname – Will add someone to the VOP list in the channel.

Access - /msg chanserv access #channel add / delete nickname accesslevel – Access levels, make it so the user is op’d, admined etc as soon as they join.

Access Levels:

- 3 Voice (+)

- 4 Halfop (%)

- 5 Op (@)

- 10 Admin (&)

- 9999 Owner (~)


Levels - /msg chanserv levels #channel set / disable / list / reset level – Revise’s the current access levels.

Akick - /msg chanserv akick #channel nick – Will automatically kick a nickname in a specific channel.

Drop - /msg chanserv drop #channel – Founder of the channel can un-register it.

Sendpass - /msg chanserv sendpass #channel – Sends channel password to founders email.

Ban - /msg chanserv ban #channel nick / @host – Bans a certain nick / host from the channel.

Unban - /msg chanserv unban #channel nick / @host – Unbans a certain nick / host from the channel.

Clear - /msg chanserv clear – Clears a certain thing on / about the channel.

Owner - /msg chanserv owner #channel – Makes you owner of your channel.

Deowner - /msg chanserv deowner #channel – Removes owner status.

Protect - /msg chanserv protect #channel nickname – Protects a certain nick on the channel.

Deprotect - /msg chanserv unprotect #channel nickname – Unprotects a certain nick on the channel.

Op - /msg chanserv op #channel nickname – Ops a nickname @

Deop - /msg chanserv deop #channel nickname – Deops a nickname.

Halfop - /msg chanserv halfop #channel nickname – Halfops a nickname. %

Dehalfop - /msg chanserv dehalfop #channel nickname – Dehalfops a nickname.

Voice - /msg chanserv voice #channel nickname – Voice’s a nickname +

Devoice - /msg chanserv devoice #channel nickname – Devoice’s a nickname

Getkey - /msg chanserv getkey #channel – Returns the key to the channel

Invite - /msg chanserv invite #channel nickname – Invites a certain nickname to the channel

Kick - /msg chanserv kick #channel nickname – Kicks the nickname.

Topic - /msg chanserv topic #channel topichere – Changes the channels current topic.

Info - /msg chanserv info #channel – Will list all the information about the channel.

Appendtopic - /msg chanserv appendtopic #channel – Will add additional text to the topic.

Enforce - /msg chanserv enforce #channel mode – Will enforce certain channel modes in a certain channel.

Chanserv will automatically delete a channel what isn’t used for 14 days.



Botserv is everything to do with server bots…

Also bots made from scripts can be downloaded, Try searching google, such as Trivia bots, Weather bots etc. Commands will only work if you have a bot in the channel. Some bots are: Dreambot, Travian Bot, Eggdrop etc. Eggdrop is a bot hosted on a server. These bots are not recommended for user’s new to bots.

Seen - !seen nickname – The bot will tell you when that person was last seen.

Botlist - /msg botserv botlist – Will list all the available bots on the server.

Assign - /msg botserv assign #channel botname – Botname can be seen on the bot list. This command will assign a bot to your channel.

Set - /msg botserv set #channel option .


Dontkickops – Protects ops from being kicked by a bot..

Don’t kick voice – Protects voice’s from being kicked by a bot.

Greet - /msg botserv set #channel greet msg – Greets a user with a message.

Fantasy – Enables fantaistic commands.

Symbiosis – The bot will act like a real bot.

Kick - /msg botserv kick #channel nick – Will get the bot to kick a user.

Bad words - /msg botserv badwords #channel add / delete / list / clear badword single / start / end – This option allowed you to add bad / un-allowed words to the channel. You can either add, delete, clear or see a list of the current badwords.

Act - /msg botserv act #channel actionhere – Will make the bot do an action, similar to the /me action command but the bot does it.

Info - /msg botserv info #channel / bot – Will give you information on a bot or a channel.

Say - /msg botserv say #channel speech – Will make the bot say something on a certain channel.

Unassign - /msg botserv #channel unassign – Will unassign the bot from the channel.


Memoserv is used so you can leave other users notes / memos when they are idle / away from PC or not online on the server. This serv can be very useful for communication. Especially if you live somewhere with different time zones.

Send - /msg memoserv send #channel / nick message – Will send a user or channel a message.

Cancel - /msg memoserv cancel – Cancels the last memo you sent.

List - /msg memoserv read #channel list / last / new – Reads your current memos.

Delete - /msg memoserv del #channel list / num / all – Deletes the selected memos.

Set - /msg memoserv set option.


Notify – Changes the way your notified about a memo

Limit – /msg memoserv set #channel limit number - Limits to how many memos you can have at once

Info - /msg memoserv info – Gives you information about your memos

Check - /msg memoserv check – Checks to see if last memo you sent has been read yet.


Hostserv is very small, and only used to change your host and to turn it off, Basically everything to do with your host. Your host can be viewed by whois’ing yourself and it will be next to your name so blah@”hosthere.com”.

On - /msg hostserv on – Turns your host on.

Off - /msg hostserv off – Turns your host off.

Group - /msg hostserv group nick / host – Groups your hosts.

Request - /msg hostserv request host – Requests your own vHost.

When requestion a host, An Net Admin / Opper will full fill your request asap.


Modes can be used for varius things on IRC.

List serv commands they cant all be done, Make sure you have the right permission.

Here is the list of modes and what they do…

Admin - /mode #channel +a nickname – Make the nickname an admin (&)

Ban - /mode #channel +b nickname / host – Bans a selected nick / host from the channel.

No Colors - /mode #channel +c – Colors are blocked and not shown in the channel

Ban Exception - /mode #channel +e nick / host – Allows a user to join the channel even if he / she is banned

Flood Protection - /mode #channel +f lines:seconds – Contains how many lines of text is allowed in the amount of seconds.

Half op - /mode #channel +h nickname – Half op’s a nickname (%)

Invite only - /mode #channel +I – Invite only, you can only join the channel if your invited.

Key - /mode #channel +k keycode – Can only join the channel if you know the key, to join a keyed channel type “/join #channel keycode”.

Limit - /mode #channel +l numer – Limits the channel on how many users can be in it at once.

Moderated - /mode #channel +m – Mutes the channel, Only voice’s, halfop’s, op’s, admins & owner’s can speak. (Not including Net admins / Oppers).

No messages - /mode #channel +n – Users cant send messages into channel from outside.

Op - /mode #channel +o nickname – Sets a nickname as an op (@)

Private - /mode #channel +p – The channel is private, other users cannot tell if users in the private channel are in there or not, unless they are actually in the private channel with them.

Founder - /mode #channel +q nickname – Sets the nickname as the owner / founder (~).

Registered - +r – Set when you register a channel.

Secret - /mode #channel +s – Cannot be seen in channel list or user whois. This is like private, but more privacy is added. As users don’t even know that the channel exist.

Topic - /mode #channel +t – Changes topic.

Voice - /mode #channel +v nickname – Sets a user as a voice (+).

Badword List - /mode #channel +w badword – Adds badword to the badword list in the channel.

Admin Only - /mode #channel +A – Net admins can only join channel, Can only be set by net admins.

Ban link - /mode #channel +B #channel2 – Banned users who attempt to join this channel will be forwarded to channel2.

No CTCP - /mode #channel +C – CTCP isn’t allowed in the channel.

No Invites - /mode #channel +H – Invites aren’t allowed, Can only be set by oppers / net admins.

Invites - /mode #channel +I nick / host – Though the channel is on invite, the nicks in the invite list can join without an invite.

Knocks - /mode #channel +K – Knocks are not shown.

Limit Forwarded - /mode #channel +L #channel2 – If the channel has a limit, and its full and someone attempts to join they will be forwarded to channel2.

No nick change - /mode #channel +N – Nicknames cannot be changed in the channel

Oppers Only - /mode #channel +O – Only oppers / net admins allowed in the channel, Can only be set by Net admins / Oppers.

Registered Nicks Only - /mode #channel +R – Only registered nicks can join the channel.

Color Stripping - /mode #channel +S – No color in text will be shown, only the user itself will see the color.

No Invites - /mode #channel +V – No invites allowed on this channel.

Bad Word Filter - /mode #channel +W – Activated the bad word filter.

Anonymous - /mode #channel +Y – In this channel no joins / parts / users in it shown.

Modes that effect You

Away - /away reason – Sets your nickname as away.

Compatibility - /mode yournick +c – Admins / Owners will be shown as Ops.

Deaf - /mode yournick +d – You cannot read messages in the channel.

Invisible - /mode yournick +i – Makes your nickname to /who and names from outside the channel.

No private messages - /mode ownnick +p – Cannot receive notices / query messages.

Hide host - /mode yournick +x – Hides your host / IP.

Im a bot? - /mode yournick +b – Makes you a bot, Has to be set on bots.

Restricted - +R – Set automatically by the server, can restrict certain users by doing certain stuff.

Note on modes: Not all these modes may be compatible with the current server.


CTCP is used to find out various small information about a certain nickname.

CTCP is located under, Right click username then “CTCP”.

Ping – Pings a user, the faster there reply = the better there connection.

Finger – Fingers a user, Tells you what IRC program there using

Version – What version of mIRC a user is using.

Time – Users current time.

Userinfo – Finds out several information about the user.

Clientinfo – Finds out information about the client the user is using.

Page – Pages the user a message.

Sound – Sends the user a sound.

XDCC – XDCC commands, such as list and get.


DCC is used to send files over IRC

DCC is located under, Right click username, Then “DCC”.

Send – Sends a file to a user.

Chat – Can chat and send files.

Net Admins / Oppers

Net admins and oppers are here on the server to help you out, They can help you with problems, and generally keep the server running well. They have access to several commands that cannot be used by normal users.

Super Admin on - /msg operserv superadmin on

SAJoin - /sajoin nickname #channel – Force’s a nickname to join a certain channel.

SAPart - /sapart nickname #channel – Parts a nickname from the channel.

SVSnick - /svsnick nickname newnickname – Changes someones nickname to another nickname.

Tempshun - /tempshun nickname – This user cannot speak on IRC, though they are not away of it. Dis connect and re connect on server to turn it off.

Shun - /shun nickname – Permantely shuns a nickname.

Kill - /kill nickname – Kills someone off the server.

Opers / Net admins use operserv, Normal users don’t have access to it, For help on it type “/msg operserv help”.

Oppers / Net admins, Also have all the power of owners, admins, op, halfops & voice’s in every channel. With there superadmin on they cannot be banned or kicked or moderated. And can join any channel.


Q: How do I change a topic channel?

A: /topic #channel newtopic

Q: How do I include colors in the topic

A: When your typing out the new topic, press ctrl + k, For the color options to appear.

Q: How do I steal a topic with color in.

A: Highlight the topic and keep your finger on k, then release the highlight and k, And when you go to paste the topic the color should be included.

Q: How do I join a channel?

A: Type /join #channel.

Q: Can I connect to more then 1 server at once?

A: Yes! Type “/server –m newircserver”.

Q: I registered a channel the other day, now when I join it im not owner, Help?

A: Simply make sure you always identify when coming onto IRC.

Hints / Tips / Tricks

Performing on Connect: This option lets you do as many commands as you once as soon as you connect to an IRC server. To do this follow these simple steps: First, Click "Tools" then "Options" then "Connect > Options" then "Perform". Then enter the commands you want to happen when you connect. All these commands will be ran once connecting, You can also choose what servers they will run on when connecting.

CTRL Shortcuts

Ctrl + R = Highlight Text

Ctrl + U = Underline Text

Ctrl + K = Color

Ctrl + F = Find

Ctrl + N or W = Switch Channels

Ctrl + L = Line

Ctrl + V = Paste

IRC Scripting

Scripting is quite a big part of IRC, It helps enhance your IRC, and makes it do wonderful things, And unique things noone else has on there IRC. This tutorial does not cover scripting. But I can show you a few links for good addon / full scripts:




Other Tutorials

Scripting Tutorials:

http://www.mirc.net/projects.php?go=107 ... view=11133

Other IRC Tutorials:






I hope this tutorial has helped you conquer IRC.

More information will be added on every now and then.

If you find any mistakes or information I have missed that is essential to the tutorial please message me.

Also any FAQ’s, message me and I will add.

Thanks for reading

Last Updated: 13/4/07

Written by Isomerizer

Edited by Isomerizer
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Guest Anonymous

Re: IRC Guide

Most regular irc users dont script...


But if someone wants to give tutorials for making scripts and bots feel free.

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Re: IRC Guide


CE Server info

- Servers: EU.iPocalypse.net , AU.iPocalypse.net , US.iPocalypse.net

- Default Channel: #php-games

- Port: 6667 (Default)

Trivia, Scramble, Hi/low

- Servers: EU.iPocalypse.net , AU.iPocalypse.net , US.iPocalypse.net

- Default Channel: #gameroom

- Port: 6667 (Default)


- Servers: EU.iPocalypse.net , AU.iPocalypse.net , US.iPocalypse.net

- Default Channel: #uno

- Port: 6667 (Default)

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