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Phone Billing


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First experience:

The phone billing gateway is super and easy to implement. Their gateway is top notch compared to other sites.

If you don't want to accept c/c payments through phone billing it's easy to signup, if you want to accept c/c then you have to provide the gateway your business info.

Payments and statistics are shown on the site per document (gateway option) you made, you can even link multiple sites , no need to make an extra account.

Payments happen by cheque and you can request anytime a cheque.


You can only use it for micro payments, fees are very high but then again it's the single trustworthy one I encounterd so far.

You can select multiple countries but your revenue changes by country. For instance USA on $5 you would see $2.05 , if you offer phone billing for instance also to Hong Kong, your revenue would be $0.29.

My thoughts:

As we all offer in a way a product that is just 'air' to our customers I don't mind the high fees as you reach a much broader public. Then again you could do it for smaller stuff also.

Towards mccode games, you could for instance award special tokens if they order through phone billing, 30 tokens would be a full DP, 10 tokens (1 call) a 7 day DP, players could save up their tokens for a full DP by calling multiple times.


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Re: Phone Billing

Old topic, but I'll make a reply.

We use phone billing, yes the fees are high but as you earn more revenue via the phone/sms billing most providers will lower the costs ever so lightly. Either way it's a goldmine for processing payments. If you wish people to use alternative methods as a priority you could use different pricing schemes and so on, we do have all prices the same though regardless of methods for online MMORPG's because we don't wish to disadvantage different players just because they cannot use another method...

The provider we use is Daopay, they've had a couple of bumps but have been good for a few years now.. I can't say the costs are too good, they do charge quite a bit but like you've said this is common with all sms/telephone micropayment providers. Currently we're looking to move to SMSKambi for SMS payments, and still looking into what different telephone providers are available who can offer a full API.

Zaypay.com may also be one to check out.. an up and comer!


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Re: Phone Billing

I have started using DaoPay on CrimeandChaos.com and I have to say I am pleased with the results. I raised the prices for pay by phone slightly, then I posted that the prices varry by country, and that the service was slightly more expensive than when using paypal because of the fees that I have to pay in order to accept payments by phone. My players have accepted the system and come to love it. Hope this helps out anyone who is looking for an alternate way to make cash on there games.

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