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Tables ID

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I have a table in this case its my citys....the ID went from 9 to 100 so in order its like














Ok...now i have went back and changed everything to get the back in order...9, 10, 11, 12.....

But when I make a new on in the table it goes to exp....104

Is there a way tio make it pick up from where it left off? I hope you understand what i mean I suck at explaing, lol...I jjust want to get the table back in the right order.

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Re: Tables ID

Somewhere somehow your script must have made an addition of 90+ rows to the table, and then deleted it.

No need to delete the whole thing, just reset the AUTO_INCREMENT value.

I reckon you have set the ids of the cities already, so based upon your last id, modify the following:


The number, change it to the last id in the table, plus one.

Now just run that in phpmyadmin and it should be fine.

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Re: Tables ID

Just to confirm Spudinski's post, you DO NOT NEED TO DELETE THE TABLE

Doing what Spudinski says will take your autoincrement back down where it should be.

There is a counter stored in the information schema that tells mysql what the next id should be in an auto increment field. It does NOT look at the last ID in the table, but at that counter stored in the information schema.

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Re: Tables ID


Just a side note, you could set it to 1 and mysql would then check and see that hm, you've got id's going up to 15 and then correct that for you automatically.

So, when I need to do those things, I just set them to 1 and I'm done with it lol.

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