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[mccode] Owner Panel - Simple


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Hi, I know this isn't one of the best owner panels around. But i thought i would post it for the new guys.


Want any help installing post here. Just to let you know I own Allied Entertainment and well be posting more free mods/pages for you.



P.S i removed some functions durning it was done for McCodes v2 not for McCodes v1.

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Re: Owner Panel - For free - Simple

Loggedin.php -



require "global_func.php";

if($_SESSION['loggedin']==0) { header("Location: login.php");exit; }


require "header.php";

$h = new headers;


include "mysql.php";

global $c;

$is=mysql_query("SELECT u.*,us.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN userstats us ON u.userid=us.userid WHERE u.userid=$userid",$c) or die(mysql_error());





$lv=date('F j, Y, g:i a',$ir['laston']);


print "<center>Thanks for logging in<hr width='75%'>



$q=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM papercontent LIMIT 1",$c);


print "Your-Game-Name Latest News:



<hr width='75%'>> <a href=index.php>Continue</a><hr width='75%'><center>Credits to Allied Entertainment, Ltd.";



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Re: [mccode] Owner Panel - Simple

ok Ghetto.

He asked if you are re-writing the cpanel functions, you said:

Not so much rewriting... Ive used the orgi V2 staff functions but im adding/creating more and adding more stuff to the orig ones.

Thats imposible, and how you gonna edit cp function :S

Other way i think you meant, its illigal.

Have to write mod from begining all by yourself or else, its illigal.

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