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Im Bored


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Re: Im Bored


Not all pengiuns are called J's!! what about that awesome film Happy Feet???? Hes a dancing pengiun. Dont get much better although me next door neigbour had a cow that laughed, and said cow was also on TV advertising summin

Happy Feet was a fake film, an amazing one, but fake! in real life all penguins are called > Joe, Joseph, Josephine, Jolie, Joanne and Bruce


:-o I see strange people

Your a dragon :D

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Re: Im Bored

mate? i have a mate?


Lets make bracelets!!

so does this mean i dont have to say

Deception && Spellbyte:

DONT SAY "Thats not hard"

all the time? :D im so excited, here is going to be my new plan for the day!

1. make brownies

2. make bracelets

3. eat brownies

4. eatgive out braclets

5. make cupcakes

6. make more braclets

7. Play with my dollies

8. make brownies for tomorrow

9. sleep

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Re: Im Bored

:-D that not post to be afencive craig lol it like the word NOOB u use all the time

( cought) buy your tickets now matt-vs-criag going for $5 (cough) money goes to me (cough)

think i am coming down with somthing better go to the doctors

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