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Gangster Legends Tallenparket


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Dear people

I have a question.

Is there also a number parquet for this game??

If so where can I find it.

If not is there a need for this??

I would like to have a parquet floor in Dutch, so that's why I'm asking this if not I'm going to make one.



Beste mensen

Ik heb een vraagje.

Is er ook een tallen parket voor dit spel??

Zo ja waar kan ik deze vinden.

Zo nee is hier behoeften aan??


Ik wil graag een tallen parket hebben in het Nederlands dus vandaar dat ik dit vraag zo niet ga ik er een maken.

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I believe at some point Dayo was going to work on multilingual support but I'm not sure if he's still working on that or not. @Dayocould perhaps expand on this himself. I'm not sure if that would include a number dutch parquet or not, as I'm not actually sure what you're looking for in terms of that.

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The big problem with GL is some content is database driven some is hard coded with the template. I do think when i do the multi lingual support you will only be able to make GL Dutch, German, French etc ... You wont be able to have a game that is both Dutch and French

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