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Greetings! Apologies for the not-so-interesting Title..


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Hello there! Thank you for clicking and viewing this topic. My username here is Media4um, but my name is Matt. You can address me by either, how ever you wish.

I have been playing PHP based web games since 2008. I have played Torn on and off since 2007, played Omerta, MafiaCrime.org since it was created. I have loved the layout, the format, the complex (yet quite simple) style of gameplay. I do love a game or project where I can sit down and immerse myself.

My overall objective of joining this website is to learn better how to program. I have dabbled in it for a long time, created a few web games here and there. But something always finds itself in the way of long term commitment. Which is why I now am attempting once again to really get into it. Partially because I just enrolled for classes in Full Sail University for IT, with a focus on Network Infrastructure and Server Administration. I always keep me a couple servers on the side for hosting for friends, web site design when I can catch a gig here and there. But now, considering that I have taken a step into seriously furthering my education, I find my self here looking to possibly make friends, learn a few things, and contribute to a community that hopefully supports its members in the creation of special and individualized online games and websites.

So, thank you very much for having me. All are welcome to message me. I have hosting for those who need it, I will offer a bit of free hosting here and there to those who are wanting to experiment, or need a server for their game or website development and do not have the funds currently to purchase the space and server online. Please do not blow me up with requests for websites not related to the genre of this forum, as I am here to help and to learn as best as I can.

I am currently working on a Blog that I will publish soon, and I am contemplating buying MCC v2, but I have downloaded the free version and have been tinkering with it extensively. I love how bare minimum the code is, and how easy it is to tear it down and build it into something unique. I am always looking for help or partners in the development of a game. As I said, I will provide all the hosting and domains needed. I want to get into something serious and learn as much as I can along the way. I have a curious idea, so if any are interested please do contact me.

I look forward to seeing all of you around the forum. Thanks for taking the time in reading this introduction.



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Thanks Dayo for your plug in.

I have seen this code. And I admire it for its "bright" look. It does stand out. 

I am hoping to start building my own engine at some point, I started one a long time ago. I have thought about picking it back up. I have always aspired to do so. Perhaps on this forum I will be able to assemble a team to create something truly unique and spectacular.

Kind Regards,

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