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Jail timer issue


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I have an amazing issue I can't believe it myself that's how amazing it is - its hard to believe. So, I have my Jail timer where ID 1 is on click given 5 minute reductions on each click. The only thing I can relate this to (I haven't changed any code in Jail for months for example) I created a Jail reduction item that reduces Jail time by 5 minutes. I used it a couple of times when in jail as an item to verify it works which it does. So, when i get ID 1 to go to jail now its on click its reducing time by 5 minutes. Is that a coincidence? I have tried to reset timer when in jail and this makes no difference and created another item to do that and no difference. How do I stop the 5 minute reduction per click jail bug for ID 1? I can't replicate yet for any other player and I have cleared cache, cookies etc

To give this some visual context. In my image below I clicked when I had under 5 minutes left and clicked again for the screenshot and the timer on the left updated to 0 minutes left!


Further testing and I believe the timers are both out. Another example below. I've done the reset timer thing and its making no difference. What else can I do? Delete the jail timer from userTimers table? The time is out like its reading two different times and reducing as a result of the click or something like it:


deleting from userTimers didn't work still not in sync.

its bugging me as its only ID 1. Below is my other player to test with and timer is in sync:


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I tried the debugger from https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.debug-backtrace.php but this hasn't given me any clues so I'm none the wiser. Its just annoying I have this issue but would really like to know what happened/what it is that's causing the 5 minute delay and 5 minute reduction on each click while ID 1 is in jail. Its got me good as I am starring at it for so long as its bugging me and its the only timer that its happening to.

fixed it.... all I'm prepared to say lol

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