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Where do I begin


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So I've grew up loving mafia text based mmorpgs all text based mmorpgs tbh, So it came to me why not try making a career out of it?

So I've put together a 3 month plan

My first step is finding a developer on here that runs a website (Hopefully GL Engine)

That is willing to let me join the team with no experience in coding and help and teach me and guide me through this 3 month plan of mine

This is where you guys come in! if you know of anyone willing to do this or is willing to help in anyway please send them my way!

Step two is to heavily study the basics, HTML, PHP etc.

Step three continue to work on the website I've currently been playing around with while still working on the site that hopefully someone lets me help run and learn from.


if any of you have suggestions how I could do this the most practical way please comment below overly excited about starting this


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Honestly, learn first how to code and while you learn and pick things up apply it to your game. Do you have a plan for how you want the game to end up? 

Generally, its hard to get on a game and be a understudy of sorts. Game owners like to hire people who are known in a game and been around for some time so they can be of more help to new players etc. If my game were live and you asked day 1 can I be a staff to learn from you, I'd first want to see you login for awhile. But that's just me as I've done these games before you get many emails from players wanting things. However, coming from this platform you might get a shot. Are you on the MWG Discord channel as a starting point to get known?

But welcome to the world of coding and game development!

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