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[GLV2] Inventory/Item Usage


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For inventory make there be items your allowed to take to boost certain stats or stats skills, of 'ammo power '. . 'jail skill'  


'Hospital healing skill '




Makes items craftable so example you can upgrade certain guns or potions . Example upgrade M16 you will need Blah blah items ..gun max level are level 5 ,to upgrade items it's needed donations that could be purchased . To upgrade each weapon or item , add a link to jail,crimes, hospital were userid can use there own items example as med kit,jail Keys, brave potions , same for gym example will potions from 'userid' your allowed to equip 3 items gun or a knife and a vest , those items can also be upgraded 'vest' max level 3 for all the protection vest you create the higher the level can be for upgrading example 1-5 upgrade levels . This is just a short summary of my inventory idea 




Add a inventory item collection example certain items can only be hold at 100 -150 max . Upgrade bullets aswell strong the bullet stronger the attack or kills .



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This will include alot of graphic work and slot of effort by the creator , example like cod mobile on gun upgrading. .. make like a 50 tier Every month for the members. Which will also have a hard progress in making. 


My GL ideas sound crazy . But for a game to be successful it needs to have there members wanting more.  Rome wasn't made in a day how ever this idea is possible. 

I do know the topic about what would be nice to see in a inventory .. but 50 tier pass from call of duty could be created into Gl . It be a like editing daily logins to something much greater .

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