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[Paid] one page module template


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Im doing a little game experiment and need a equip page designed / coded. 

The general concept is something like the top left part of this screen shot. Except the figure must be streched out and body parts separated, hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach, chest, neck, head. NOT THE WHOLE IMAGE. As these will be the actually equipped parts. Think zombie. If a zombie looses his hand, he can get a new one. 😂 Maybe not a new head. 

Depending on price, i may want placeholders near figure for shoes, left, right handed weapon slots, chest plate n head gear slot. 

I will do the coding upon clicking the image to replace images from inventory via dialogue


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I really only need this one: But as specified with listed body parts not attached.

Budget, message me a price. As stated its for a little coding experiment so not trying to pay anything unreasonable for something that wont be public.


Edit: Your site/game screen shots look very nice. Whats url to your game?

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