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Class 'FastImage' not found


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Hey there. So everything was running great and fine...until I setup on my domain. I hooked up to the database and everything was fine. Then I got this when I went to hit register

I'm not sure what changed between running on my local server and running on a hosted one, maybe the PHP version? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I would also consider myself intermediate in PHP/SQL, certainly not a beginner).

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9 hours ago, Dayo said:

are you using the master on GitHub? If so there are a few issues that im working to resolve now, if I remember ill push the changes I've made after I've finished work

Yes, I got the master I think shortly after the last commit that was made. I appreciate the help. 

I re-imported my database and its not triggering on any other classes now, just says class not found even though its using the autoloader from init.php.

Note: Just to be clear, this ONLY happens on my domain, it works perfect on my localhost.

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