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GL Attack System


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I have been looking around and I’ve seen some good attack systems for GL, but they’re not exactly what I’m looking for (looking for something more bespoke)

I currently use all of Dayo’s modules only at the moment, apart from the home’s module – that was made by @BeniiiBoiii

I want to get rid of the bullets and kill systems currently in place and replace with:

1)      Inventory and Item system

  • That lets players equip a single weapon and armour
  • Check Item information
  • Sell items back to the game, send items to other players and a use option if the item is a potion for example
  • Admin panel that lets admins create/edit/delete an item type and item.
  • An option to add an item to a particular shop.
  • Creating an item similar to the system in mccodes, with item name, item price (the price in shops), item sell value (money gained if sold back to game), weapon power/armour defence, effect 1, effect 2, and effect 3.

2)      Updated shops, locations and travel

  • Different shops holding different items (weapons, armours, potions etc) that should be accessible in different locations.
  • Locations will have a minimum level/rank requirement to travel there
  • Admin panel to assign a shop to a location, set price of travel to get to a location, min-level requirement to access that location, and the time it takes to travel to that location (optional)

3)      New attack / hospital system  

  • Which lets users hospitalise, mug and leave opponents through profile links.
  • Hospitalise increases hospital time 
  • Mugging lets a user take a certain amount of money relative to what a player has on hand. i.e., if a player has $100,000,000 out and they are mugged; the mugger can get 10% of this each time they mug that user.
  • Leaving an opponent gives a user EXP, the exp amount gained depending on the difference in level/rank between players.
  • A successful attack is based on the stats gained through Dayo’s workout module (strength, agility and guard) and strength of weapon and defence of armour equipped.
  • a system that basically performs multiple attacks until one of the players is out of health 
  • If players are evenly matched, the attack system basically results in a deadlock situation with both players missing or doing no damage
  • Hospital time determined by an attacker’s level/rank:
  1. Level 1 to 10 = 1-10 minutes hospital time.
  2. Level 10 to 50 = 10 – 50 minutes
  3. Level 50 to 100 = 50 – 100 minutes.
  4. Level 100 to 150 = 100 - 150 minutes
  5. Level 150 to 200 = 150 – 200 minutes
  6. Level 200 to 250 = 200 – 250 minutes

Etc etc.

  • Individual player attack logs for players to see their last 25 attacks (wins and losses) and type of attack it was(left, hospitalised, or mugged)
  • Players who are attacked will get notifications that reveal who did the attacking/leaving/mugging and how much was taken if they were mugged
  • I think the attack system will need to replace the current health system I have, with user health and max health, with max health going up with levelling.


If anyone is willing to make me such a system, please quote me a price in PM or here, thank you. I'm aware such a system will be time consuming for any dev, and as a result im willing to pay a lot for this, relatively speaking.

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