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About thst that time. (Putting together my game)


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With all my mods and the latest one in the works. NPCs being my least in development. I think it mat be time to piece it all together to begin actually creating my game. Everyday, i add a new crime or two for future content.

My main problem I'm assuming is a theme to follow.

I could follow the standard gangster theme where then games basically pointless except to make your character as strong as you can and rich.

With the NPCs, i could have some sort of storyline to follow, but that will involve almost way to much work for me to keep up with. Players who grind would be waiting on me to continue the story. (ADD MORE CHAPTERS/ W/E).

I really wanted to have everything in the game be pvp in a sense. All crimes/thefts/ect committed against other players. Somehow have players create there own cities (locations), but having a player populate his city with content seems unrealistic.


Any ideas to get me started in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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