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If I'm not mistaken GL has its own constructor for mods:

public $helper = null;
  public function constructModule() {
    include "class/ItemHelperFunctions.php";
    $this->helper = new ItemHelperFunctions();

Now the issue rises:

All my methods I had to include in my helper class 

$this->getSelectedItem(); becomes $this->helper->getSelectedItem ();

But the real issue is on 2 of the 6 mods it doesn't work. $helper remains NULL(doesn't assign). Anyone got a solution? Or know the problem? I even tried using the regular constructor but the problem remains the same on 2 of the 6 mods. It's got me a bit confused.

Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getSelectedItem() on null in /home/simmakew/public_html/GL/modules/installed/blackMarket/blackMarket.inc.php:357 Stack trace: #0




The constructors in any GL module following @Dayoformat is broke.


Using the method constructModule is not called first UNLESS ANOTHER METHOD IS NOT CALLED . To fix this issue

Open: class/module.PHP


if ($this->construct) {


if (isset($this->methodData->action)) {
                $methodAction = 'method_'.$this->methodData->action;
                if (method_exists($this, $methodAction)) {


Now I am not %100 sure why

function __construct()

Does not keep the globals from module PHP. The globals, $page, $db, $user no longer work. $this->page, $this->DB, $this->user

By my fix above handles all issues I have mentioned.

Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in

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