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Heists Module Converted for GRPG v2

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I have converted my heists module that i had from mccodes + made some changes and bug fixes i found along the way.

I have fully tested this module and as far as i can see there is no issues at all.

>> Set Up <<

  • Upload the zip to your public html directory where your game files are.
  • unzip it then when your logged into your game run your websitename.ext/install.php and this will install the database side of things for you. (follow instructions it will delete the installer file and also delete the db file off your server so no need for removing that.
  • Currently there is no staff file yet but you create heists in the "Heists" table.

Each user will contribute power to the heist based on there stats if your power is 0 or lower it gives you a power of 1.

You can set maximum amount of members a heist needs and min and max payout also how much power is needed for each heist.

There is no limit in how many players can be in one persons heist at a time (if you heist requires 3 players and you have 4 or more players in your heist your money is cut)

If 1 player in the heist has enough power to be able to pass the heist then the other players will be paid a random amount between the min and max then less if more than required players.

Heist owner side.

  • Can invite others to heist using drop down option or a input id option box.
  • Can access the shout box + clear the chat (can also filter bad words via the db)
  • Can disband the heist (delete it).
  • Can complete the heist if there members are enough or over the required amount set in the database.

Player Side:

  • Leave heist at any time they choose (there power is deducted from the heists table)
  • Access the shout box to speak to other members while they wait for the heist to fill up.

That's pretty much it hope you enjoy if you purchase i have it installed on my grpg v2 game and will be using it myself accept i have some ideas in mind for changes.

(From 21/04/2020 to 21/05/2020 if you buy one module you can get one free must come to same price as you buy)

Heists v1.0.5

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It appears you are correct thank you for pointing that out to me i must of have forgotten to convert the staff file i have the staff file in the Mccodes folder i keep i will convert it to work with grpg and grpgv2 and then upload a fully working staff side for this module and will update it here when done.

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