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Battle System


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I been playing this game Domination where you build an army n base AND attack like a real time strategy so to speak. The thing you get 1 to 5 stars to get a victory

1 star for killing base

1 star for quick victory (any star less then a minute)

1 star for 50% damage

1 star %75 damage

1 star for complete destruction (100%)

I been thinking of how to make a battle system for GL that could use a system like this. Even if extra features are needed to be added 

1 star for death

1 star for death of pet(obviously that would be needed to be coded. Or creature or demon, ghost, vampire, ect.).

That's the only 2 I could come up with. Maybe another star if you pick up n item? Or win x 💰


I also thought of a unique turn based system. Here would be a map(multiple pictures to show areas of a house, ect.), Then a playbook(Think football games where you select the play to run). Each player selects a play and it goes onto next round (all text or course a Role Play)

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The above is pretty similar to how Clash of Clans works... it's a nice system.

Romewars has a turn based system with a little strategy involved which I think is pretty unique and works well. You just have to make sure that attacks can be made without both players needing to be live and involved, as then your banking on your game being super active - which isn't always the case.

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