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German developer signing in

Robert Bleyl

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I am a web application developer from Germany. I consider myself a fullstack developer in the sense that I can do both frontend and backend of a web application. That's one of the reasons I started a project 9 months ago to recreate one of my all time favorite browser games called "Skrupel". As the name implies this was a game created by a German and it was only known in Germany. Since the development of the original was discontinued after around 2009 or so, and I actually wanted to play it again, so I decided to recreate it on my own with new tech. The original was open source and completely free - and so is mine ?

I recently joined the PBBG community and this lead me here ? My project is actually live, but I'm still working on it and looking for a community to exchange ideas and feedback.

Besides software development I like playing video games and I'm learning the guitar. At some point I want to make a video game with Unity3D, but right now my project consumes a lot of my free time so I don't have the focus to do something else that big right now ?

Here is a link to my project: https://skrupeltng.de/

I will make a more detailed introduction into game at the Show off section ?

Best regards


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