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150$ Pusher giveaway


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To celebrate the launch of Integration of Pusher with McCodes, the great guys at Pusher have sent me a 150$ coupon for someone to use.

This will grant them 150$ credit on their pusher account, which will give you the freedom of 3 months free* with Pusher!

To enter the giveaway

  • Launch the Pusher chat module, on to your game (either live or your development environment - to show your interest in Pusher)
  • Reply to this thread with a link to your game (development environment needs to be open to validate the install), and a brief summary of your game


Giveaway will close Monday 18th May 2015

Winner will be chosen by the post number at random, using random.org. If a winner doesn't qualify, I will re-roll.

* Using the Startup package

Post count won't be taken into consideration. So if you're a lurker and have the modification installed, signup and enter this giveaway :)

Signup to Pusher and enter coupon code SNIKO_REALTIME_50 when upgrading your package for a free 50$

Optionally, you can hit like on this thread ;)

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This is outstanding!! I have been using a live version of [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION] 's real time chat and even upgraded to the first paid package. All my players really seem to like what we have created together. I have done a little CSS work to it of course to take it away from the plain box it started as and blend it more to my game environment.

So Flight of Dragons is a Text based MMORPG. Like most other browser based games it is free to play with the option to donate for a few added bonuses.

Flight of Dragons offers you the chance to take on the role of a mighty dragon! There a eight dragon types to chose from, four evil, and four good. Each has it own advantages and disadvantages. We have a very unique weapons system, where you are the weapon. As your character levels your natural weapons, Breath weapon, and claw/bite weapon, automatically get stronger.

We have a very lively and interactive community that is all the stronger for the addition of this real time chat using the pusher system.

Come and check us out, May 15th is out 30 days live celebration, and we have already reached 550+ Accounts!


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That game is fricken sexy! Awesome design [MENTION=70655]Damond[/MENTION].

[MENTION=69670]Script47[/MENTION] Thank you very much. Several month of design and coding just in the layout of that one. I have the feeling that if it looks good then people feel more welcomed.

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Image: http://i.imgur.com/JWVs3kS.jpg

I put Pusher chat onto my game, Chivalry is Dead, and I love it, so do my players. Chivalry Is Dead currently has 220 players registered and we opened our gates on Halloween 2014


What happens when a man and his oaths come into conflict?

When he is pledged to remain loyal to a King, but also to the

smallfolk? What happens when you put a sword in the hand of the

wrong, and the righteous falter? There is only one way to find out.



You are a young warrior from the town of Cornrye. You must travel to

different towns and meet new people. Will you protect the weak,

or destroy them? The choice is yours, but remember, there's

always someone waiting for you to slip up and put your guard


Play today, by clicking here and use promo code DP2015 for three free donator days!

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