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First attempt at Photoshop and selling PSD for cheap :)


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Hey guys, well i was sitting around and i decided to try out photoshop, i kinda got the hang of it and im no pete so no hate lmaoo :cool: if you would like the PSD i will sell it for 30 pounds seems reasonable for the time i spent on it and yes ofcourse i love to hear good or bad feedback mostly criticism and suggestions :) thanks




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looks good look into textures and noise i am not that good at photoshop myself but that does help make it look better

Thanks for this :) i'll look into that

- - - Updated - - -


For a first attempt its good. The splatter is too messy though. its taking from the content and making it hard to look at, same for the fonts

Thanks for that i'll take that into consideration, i was thinking that about the splatter to

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