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ok so today my problem is that I cant figure out how to add a item to a users inventory from a db query. I know some people might be like *** is this guy doing lol

but anyway I want to have items that are buyable but not from the shops page. ive tried so many different db query's now I don't even know what to post to show ive tried stuff lol, im not asking for someone to write a code or anything just maybe point me in the right direction or to a resource that could help me figure this out. thanks in advance for the info

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I know you said you don't know what to post as in code wise. But just post what you have tried and I am sure that someone will be able to tell you if your close or not, and how will the players be buying this item? Are you wanting to do this from the staff panel or is there going to be some way of you allowing to buy the item, like through the donation system?

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