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adding a new feature to MakeWebGames?


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Hey i was wondering if there would be a new Feature that we can all use?

Most of you know TwitchTV made a feature for Vbullitin. I was wondering if we add it to the site cause it will attract more members to the forums.

I know I use it as well as I got the same version as this site and it works well easy to add. It will also show people Text Based Games or Flash Games on the Internet?

So what you think on the idea and would it be possible to try the thing out.

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Well can you explain how will that plugin accomplish your claims and how many users has it gotten for your site?

basiclly the plugin means anyone can stream flash games from PC or text based games and as for user for me as it a new forums i hitting 3-4 atm when my forums get more popular then it will hot 10-15 max depending on the person streaming example i do not own this

http://www.devbest.com they use for anything from PC games to Console games

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