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50/50 partner wanted


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Hey all,

I'm looking for a 50/50 partner for my mccodes v2 game fully licensed etc

The domain is http://www.endoftimez.com

Username: spikereloaded

Password: reloaded

The game is fully customised, has many paid/free self made mods

Please have a look around, there is work to be done but I'm in no rush to release but would like release middle of january 2015. Crons are not running at the minute but simple tick box will turn them on

I need someone who has experience with both running games and ideas. Php knowledge is desired but not essential. Being able to fix simple scripts is a bonus but again not essential.

Fluent English is a must

ALL donations will be split 50/50 (your in game user receives an event every time someone donates so there's no question of how many donations there have been)

I will foot the bill of hosting and domain for 12 months then after 12 months it again will be split 50/50 or taken from donations.

Access to cpanel etc will not be available for 6 months until trust/relationship has been built. (Basically I'm not leaving my game to be attacked/stolen etc after 1 week of meeting someone from the Internet)

If you have any further questions please reply or mail me with your interest.



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Thanks zettieee. Yea I had it up before and along with another friend/developer got it running this is all from basic mccodes and nothing what so ever stolen/used etc we just didn't have the time that it deserved and now circumstances have changed I now have as much time as it needs

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