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Selling Mafia Paradise


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mafia paradise is a script that i bought in the past and did some work on, theres a few bugs nothing hard to fix etc, Heres a link to the game http://mafia-paradise.esy.es Pm me or comment your offers thanks,

Also i could be interested in a scripter fixing it up and we host a game and you get paid if it makes money.


  • User profiles don't validate or sanitise input
  • Still using eregi, which is deprecated
  • PHP errors show on screen
  • Able to deface profiles
  • Able to hijack traffic resulting in session hijacking, via XSS


All that, and I am needing to point out that the use of iframe makes UX a 0/10; plus free-hosting? No thanks.




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On 12/1/2014 at 12:47 PM, KaineBennett said:

HAHAHAAH this is GB, GS & GP all mixed into one, if anyone wants that script then let me know.. I have it. FOR FREE.

hi i world love to use them GB, GS & GP


world be a big help 😛 been looking online for weeks now 😛


can u send me thrm pls

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