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[Request] Upgrade Level Modification


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Hello MWG, I would like to make another paid request.

What is it?: A very simple "Upgrade" level mod.

Each time a user gets 100% exp, I would like for an [upgrade] link to appear next to their level in the header for them to click. (No more auto leveling)

For each level they go up I would like them to get an event saying "Congratulations, You just reached level $blah! - Your maximum health has been increased to $maxhealth!"

For each level they go up, I would like their max health to increase by a set number of 25.

For every 5 levels they go up (Level 5, 10, 15, 20 so on...) I would like their max brave to increase by a set number of 5.

Energy is set to 100 on my game, They will not gain any max energy.

That's about it.

I would like it if you guys could tell me your price to create this modification.

Thank you.

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