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Drug Mod implemented!


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Hey there, today G7470 rolled out his new drug mod.

This mod lets you grow drugs like weed and cocaine. After harvesting, you are able to use, sell or send to other players.

The drugs will enhance statistics like in other games. It's a pretty neat mod and I would like for members to test

it out and let us know what you think. G7470 has worked hard on this and did a great job!

Link to game: http://themafiaking.x10.mx/

If you are experiencing issues with verification, feel free to mail me or message me via Skype: DopeboyGFX

Thank you MWG!

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I would prefer that each individual sign up so that we can test the game while encountering other players.

Sign up today and message me for free 30 RM and points.

I don't believe I have ever had to create an account anywhere that I have been asked to test things (Like your original post)

Guess I'll be staying clear of this one then.

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Never got around to test it but looking cool :P

i am actually working on a my own drugs mods where users will be able to buy farms/drug buildings and these buildings will produce drugs for them daily then user will be able to collect the drugs from the buildings and sell them if they wish don't want to give to much away yet as not decided what i am going to be doing with it yet

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