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Hey there MWG, my game would not be in it's form now if it wasn't for Goliath. He's the most exp. programmer I know. Most legitimate person ever. I've reached out to G multiple to times to help with a few of my projects and every time I was satisfied by his high quality work. I know some of our forum members consider themselves programmers but don't know a quarter of what this guy knows. You want to hire someone fast and reliable ? Message me or view his website http://www.g7470programming.com/index.html.

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Does this guy have more examples? His site doesn't really show much of what he has done or what he can do. In my opinion his site wouldn't really help him out in getting client work since his portfolio is rather small or incomplete.

What languages does he program in? I know (from his screenshots) he programs in PHP but can he do anymore like JS/Ajax/JQuery? Or can he do .NET like C#, VB, or ASP? Or how about Java or Obj-C? Some of the forum members here are pretty fluent in 1/4+ of what I just listed it's just that PHP gets the bulk of the attention so how can one say that Goliath is more knowledgable than the people here? That is a bunch of heresay without a solid portfolio.

So I would have to say that I'm sorry but I can't take your word for it with a portfolio like that. Tell him to update it so we all can see what his skill set really is.

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Website don't really show off his technical ability.

My personal opinion is that nowadays you need to look for people with skills in Node.js or something similar and yea .NET may be decent but it's had it's days. The best programmers are the people constantly adapting.

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Hey all,

I'm Goliath (AKA G7470). Thanks DopeboyGFX for the acknowledgement as well as everyone for their feedback. I greatly appreciate it, as I literally launched the site yesterday with hardly any outside input from programmers. This information gives me more as to what everyone would be looking for when they are looking at a programmer's work.

I do have other projects that I have done and will be updating my portfolio with said projects. Again, I didn't have any real input on the site before launch, so I was not sure really what to put.

My expertise is in the following:


- jQuery

- JavaScript


- .NET/C#

- Java

I'm working on updating my portfolio with more examples of those language expertise, but again, thanks all for the feedback. Always good to have some criticism in order to make it better. :)


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