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there are spelling mistakes all over the site. not very professional

Great, can you help me fix them ?


I don't really see the point in this?

Initially we developed it for personal use, and then decided to go public.

It does come in handy when you want to make savings. You plan a goal and keep track of the expenses.

For example:

You earn 1000, and you want to make sure the money will suffice for one month. So you start by planning ahead were you will spend them. (ex: 100 to Gym, 200 for rent, 300 food, etc. )

And every time you spend some of them you input the value and the app will alert you if you are getting close to the limit you specified at the start.

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Great, can you help me fix them ?



No. But i will point a few out, you're using expense and expence across the site. Use the first one and change all of the old.

http://freemoneyplanner.com/category/expenses-plans/ First paragraph. "apllication" to "application". Further down (same paragraph) "recomended" -> "recommended"

Under the actual adding expense, you use the word: "expese" I guess its meant to be expense.

You have lots of this littered across the whole site, slow down and double check spelling and grammar. Use something like google chrome that will highlight spelling errors in textboxes as you type :)

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I actuly made something very similar to this, but rather then pie charts etc i used a calendar to plan my budget and this way i can see my budget varying month to month also set up rotational bills i.e. every fortnight, month, 4 weeks week etc ...

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