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Is there still a market for TBG (Text based games)?


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The title is quite clear, I was thinking of making one from scratch as I've got quite 'o bit of free time, but the main question is, is it going to be worth it? Is there still a market for text based games? If not what sort of things (web development wise) is there a market for?

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People today expect really rich user experiences and a simple mccodes game simply does not satisfy that. You need to put in many many hours of work to get a great game and most people simply do not want to put that in

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There is still profit from text based games to be made, just no text game lives up to the actual hype as the biggest one such torn.com,and a few others, some are just duplicates or poorly coded, or has admins that don't actually code and can't produce updates, I am sure though someone can come along and take torn.com place, it's all about how dedicated you are, ched of torn has been active with his game since day 1 when it came out, and he hasn't really abandon it, that is why that game is successful..

Than you look at other games, such one of my favorites roguevampires, and it's failing slowly as for the owner has abandoned it and never produced the updates to keep it alive, when it first started out it did really good and even now it still does slightly good profit wise, but not at the full potential it once was. Back then it was the next torn, but the phase died quickly because Jez (owner) was not as dedicated.

So it all depends what direction you are going with your game, and how dedicated you are to it and the players.

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