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New Hosting server set up and sales are now on using the promotion code 1MONTH to get 30% off all products,

LWDCHOSTING.INC are a new hosting company with lots of deals to offer IE.

  1. Cheap Hosting Starting From £3.54 A Month
    Domain Registration And Transfer's
    Promised Uptime 24/7
    And Much Much More..


http://lwdchosting.com - Hosting Site

We Are Currently Using BoxBilling Services To Help Us Run And Maintain Customers Responses/Accounts.

Latest version

Version: 3.6.11

Size: 7.37 MB

Released: 2013-06-11



BoxBilling is a free billing & client management software

BoxBilling Admin Area

Supports automated billing, invoicing, product provisioning

Automatically create hosting accounts as soon as the payment is received

Suspend when account becomes overdue, terminate when a specified amount of time passes.

Enable multiple currencies, accept one time and recurring payments

Boxbilling is perfectly created to sell

Shared and reseller hosting accounts


Software licenses

Downloadable products

Custom recurrent billing products

Helpdesk, knowledge base, news and announcements system.

Intuitive Web 2.0 AJAX powered interface with 100% usability score!



Custom invoice line

Use BoxBilling just for issuing invoices for your clients without any product setup.

Perfect for companies to issue custom invoices, notify client and collect money.

Define custom invoice lines and select taxes

Every invoice can have custom taxation rule

Track invoice refunds

Allow your clients pay in their currency and track profit in your currency



License product configuration

Product creation for hosting accounts, domains, licenses, and downloadable products can be done automatically after the successful payment is received or even with no payment received.

Product creation can be also executed after the administrator approval.

Order can be automatically suspended is no payment was received for X days and unsuspended as soon the late payment will be collected.

Client area password can be automatically reset without the by the client itself.

Control panel password can be reset by the client itself without need to logon on to control panel (depends on server manager used).

Payment reminders can be configured to be sent until the order will be terminated or late payment will be collected.

A custom event hook script can be executed on order activation / suspension / reactivation / cancellation so you can setup custom products easily and interrupt workflow as you need


Support system


Integrated helpdesk allows you to communicate with clients easily.

Multiple helpdesk departments are supported so requests can be distributed through along your staff.

Knowledgebase suggestions are automatically displayed for your customers so they can get some question answered even without need to open a ticket.

Predefined replies can be inserted by the click of mouse and supports system, order and client details variable parsing. That saves a lot time for you and allows sending personalized predefined answers.

News & Announcements system allows you to inform your clients about what is going at the moment and notify about upcoming events.

Knowledgebase allows defining the answers for the most frequency asked questions.


Web Hosts Ready


Easy server setup: provide IP, server type, username / password combination and everything else such as account creation will be done automatically.

Server access roles: BoxBilling will work perfectly no matter if you have root access or just a reseller account.

Disk space, bandwidth, additional features and function can be fully customized for each hosting plan.

Full integration and automation is available with BoxBilling extensions, such as cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin and others.

Even if your hosting control panel is not supported you can use BoxBilling to track your orders and clients, just processes account creations / terminations on your server side manually.


Powerful API


BoxBilling modular architecture is backed by REST API. No matter which interface you are using, BoxBilling template file, JavaScript, PHP or any other you always call the same API.

Every BoxBilling module seamlessly extends API, so that all new features created can be accesed from mobile or any other devices.

To avoid API floods requests per time span limits can be easily defined.

Read API documentation

Custom Look & Feel


Every theme is open source

Even this site is simply a custom BoxBilling theme

Templates are powered by Twig templating engine

Designers are not limited to system because all templates have access to powerful BoxBilling API

Intuitive and user friendly interfaces is what we what your clients to experience

Every product type has its own order form design for best user experience


Modular system


BoxBilling is designed to be extended

Create your custom extensions

Contribute extensions to community

See extension example

Browse extensions site


Multilanguage interface


Client area can be translated in to any language.

Browse contributed translations


We Have Active Staff Who Are Always Up For Helping And Any Support Tickets Are Answered Within 3 Hours Of Submission.

Owned By Me And Luke Wetherly..

Any Questions Please Ask.

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