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Project PHP Game


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Hi Guys & Girls of MWG!

I thought I'd share a few small details about a project I'm currently working on.

Project PHP Game

What is Project PHP Game?

Project PHP Game is a project that I started not too long ago to create a very simple/basic PHP game, It won't be like most "modern" games with interactive interfaces and fancy graphics, The main point of this project is to see whether a game without all that can still succeed.

It's default design is basic CSS/HTML, with a maximum of 1 image (Logo).

Its lightweight, Simple and clean.

Gameplay Style

It will run/play like most text based games, Players will create a character, And then they can do various actions whilst playing the game such as:

Crimes, Searching, Gambling, Player fights.

The character you create will also have some key stats:

  • Strength - Determines how hard you can hit during a player fight, It also determines which actions you can do in the game.
  • Speed - This is how quick your character can evade hits whilst in combat, It also affects other actions in the game, Such as running away from the cops...
  • Defense - This stat is only for player fights, The higher this stat the more chance of defending against a hit.

Your character will also have other stats such as:

  • Energy - This affects a lot of things you can do in the game, As energy is required to do most of the features on the game.
  • Happiness - This also affects some features of the game, If your happiness is very low your character will not do certain actions as good as if he/she is happy.
  • Nerve - This stat is required to do actions such as: Crimes, Certain "games" such as 'Hand in the Box'
  • Life - This stat is pretty much your life force (Health)
  • Hunger - Over time if you don't eat your character will get hungry, If your character is suffering from severe starvation you will be unable to perform some actions around the game until you eat some food!.

Why are you making this???

The key purpose of this project is to enhance my programming ability and understanding of code, It's also a good chance to test my abilities.

To see if games with minimalistic interfaces are still able to compete with the more interactive and graphical themed games.

When will it be released?

It will hopefully be released sometime around July.

I will post more information soon, Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions feel free to post and let me know what you think, Or feel free to PM me!

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