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Introducing Criminal Force, the first cops and robbers game


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Hey everyone!

We just wanted to share our new game - Criminal Force (www.criminalforce.net) - which we launched over the weekend.

It's a cops and robbers game, so you can choose to be on the crime side or the police side. Each site then attacks each other... pretty cool. We launched it 90% complete, so now we're working to complete the existing planned features and then tweak and improve upon the game.

Some of the game's features are:

- Get hold of your very own cars and store them in your garage.

- Take money from other players (arrest criminals or mug the police).

- Purchase weapons from the many available in the Weapon Store.

- Take your chances at defusing a bomb in return for getting paid.

- Attack members of the other side, or even run them over.

- Put people in hospital, or even help people out of hospital.

- Mobile app coming soon.

We would appreciate anybody giving it a go and giving us some feedback. Feedback is what's most important at this stage!


Thanks, much love!

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Signed up not too long ago, Took a little look around and I really like what I see.

It's a clean looking game, With a nice fluid feel to it.

Had a chat in the "Global" chat for a few minutes, Seem's like you have a nice little community building over there, Was greeted and had a quick laugh with a couple of the players.

Good luck with the game. :)

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