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Can someone guide me to make a successful, decent or even crappy at this stage PSD file for a template?

I have Photoshop installed, can someone go through the necessary details, step by step? How would I start? After that? So on.

It would be highly appreciated. If I get to make the PSD, I'll be releasing it here for free.

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I think it all has to do with you and your imagination. But I guess what you could do is start with a background, personally I'm a fan of simplicity (very light textures) and every thing you create I would think should be its own layer this way you can find tune that one layer as you need.

Where i always had trouble was slicing the images and only slice what you need.

For example:

you create a main menu, the whole menu doesn't need to be sliced but maybe just the header, footer, and one little menu link section

I dont think there really is a step by step because I'm pretty sure that everyone has their own way of doing this

good luck

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Is it possible I can do this via Gimp, as I have more experience using the software?

1) Make a background

2) Make the images (such as, navigation sidebar BG, sidebar buttons, footer, header...) right?

3) ?

- - - Updated - - -

And can you please expand on the slicing my template section? I'm not quite understanding what needs to be done, well I do...To some extent.......

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