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Secure my game to the maximum [Payment]

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Hello, I'm looking for someone to secure my game to the best level of security from all known injections and all other types of security.

I'm offering £5.00 to anyone who wishes to do so & also if you are looking for more work I am happy to pay for more after I see the qualities in your security work that I request.

Thanks, Reece.

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£5 is about 10-20 minutes work, £7.50 is maybe 20-30 minutes depending on the developers rate. I highly doubt anyone that takes this job actually knows what they are doing. Sorry bud

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Was only 2 year back i saw top coders doing MCCodes security for like £5-£15, what happened there then?

We grew up, got jobs and realized our time is worth more, that and the fact some of us don't have to rely on freelance work for a steady income. 2 years is a long time ;)

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