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JQuery/Javascript onClick function failing


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I'm trying to pass a couple of PHP Variables to my javascript function which is:


function showChat(friendid, chat_id)

			var fr_id = friendid;
			var c_id = chat_id;

				friend_id: fr_id,
				ch_id: c_id
			}, function(data, status)



The PHP code is:

<div class='f_bar' onClick='showChat({$cu2_id},{$c_id})'>


and the errors im getting are:

Notice: Undefined index: friend_id in C:\xampp\htdocs\chat\chat.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined index: ch_id in C:\xampp\htdocs\chat\chat.php on line 13


Can anyone tell me why I am getting these errors, as i believe I am passing the variables correctly. and even passing them by doing:


<div class='f_bar' onClick='showChat(" . $cu2_id . "," . $c_id . ")'>


does not seem to work.

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Considering the errors are on chat.php, do some debugging over there, too.


See what's happening over there.

Next, view the source, and see if the parameters are being passed correctly. If there are, something is up with $.post parameters.

If something is up with the $.post parameters, view the console log, and find out.

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I've kind of worked out what's wrong.

The $.post() is not actually sending the values to the chat.php file. I have no idea why this is though. What would stop the jquery $.post() from sending the values, yet returning it as a success?

I'm extremely confused. Is there another way to do this, to the same effect?

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