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Nean Wars

Jan Kaufmann

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Hi there MWG, Over the past few days I've told a few people about my project.

This project has been in planning now for around 3 years, I've never had the time to dedicate myself to it, I have now so I figured I might as-well share my project with the community.


Nean Wars will be a totally free to play text based MMORPG, The word "Nean" is short for "Neanderthal".

Nean Wars is set in a pre-historic world where you start out as a regular caveman or cavewoman.

Nean Wars will be created from the ground up to be simplistic and fun, allowing you to instantly jump into the action and get started on your journey to becoming a legend of the past.

Release date: As of yet there is no release date!

I'll keep this thread updated when I have more information to share, The information that I can share is pretty limited at the moment due to the fact that I haven't yet started development.

Anyway, Thanks!

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Seems unique, I like the caveman, I wish you luck with it.

It should be quite unique, I don't want to give out to much information just yet, But the whole system is quite different to most games.

One of the largest parts of the game would be the resources/currency system, You'd join most games and they'd just be using "$money" as the main currency even though the game is set in the medieval times or whatever.

However with Nean Wars, I'm trying to give it a more factual feel to it, Yet still keeping it fun, So you won't be seeing any "$money" or Crystals in this game...

Like i said before, I Don't wanna give out too much information just yet as it's far too early. :)

But thank you.

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