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V Simple Hi/Lo Game


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I had a bit of time spare today so decided to make a simple hi/lo game, it only took 30 odd mins and most of that was the bloody css :P. It uses HTML/CSS + PHP. All data is stored in sessins but can be alreded for databases.



$guess = $_GET['guess'];

$new = mt_rand(1, 13);
if (!empty($guess)) {
	$old = $_SESSION['card'];
	if (($guess == 'hi' && $old <= $new) || ($guess == 'lo' && $old >= $new)) {
		if ($_SESSION['score']>$_SESSION['hiscore']) {
		$new_card =  '<div style="color:#009900">You were correct!</div><div class="card n'.$new.' s'.mt_rand(1, 4).'"></div>';
	} else {
		$_SESSION['score'] = 0;
		$new_card =  '<div style="color:#900">You were incorrect!</div><div class="card n'.$new.' s'.mt_rand(1, 4).'"></div>';
	$_SESSION['card'] = $new;
} else {
	$_SESSION['score'] = 0;
	$new_card =  '<div class="card n'.$new.' s'.mt_rand(1, 4).'"></div>';
	$_SESSION['card'] = $new;


		.card {
		.n1 {background-position-x:0px;}
		.n13 {background-position-x:74px;}
		.n12 {background-position-x:147px;}
		.n11 {background-position-x:220px;}
		.n10 {background-position-x:293px;}
		.n9 {background-position-x:366px;}
		.n8 {background-position-x:439px;}
		.n7 {background-position-x:512px;}
		.n6 {background-position-x:585px;}
		.n5 {background-position-x:658px;}
		.n4 {background-position-x:731px;}
		.n3 {background-position-x:804px;}
		.n2 {background-position-x:877px;}

		.s1 {background-position-y:0px;}
		.s2 {background-position-y:98px;}
		.s3 {background-position-y:196px;}
		.s4 {background-position-y:291ps;}

		echo $new_card;
	Your score: <?php echo $_SESSION['score']; ?><br />
	Your hi-score: <?php echo $_SESSION['hiscore']; ?><br />
	<form method="get" action ="">
		<input type = "submit" name="guess" value = "hi" />
		<input type = "submit" name="guess" value = "lo" />

I used the image from http://www.mickybullock.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/classic-playing-cards.png just save it as cards.png in the same directory as this file r change the CSS.

Ace is classed as low if you want Ace to be the highest change the css class .n1 to .n14 then chnage $new = mt_rand(1, 13); to $new = mt_rand(2, 14);

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