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Needing Layout For Game


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Im looking to pay someone to make me a template for my game. I am mainly looking for someone to code the layout/template for the inside of the game. I would prefer someone with alot of experience as the game has been so heavily modified by me that there is many links. If you would like more information, please message me so we can discuss the details, but please have some previous work examples. Look forward to the replies.

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I would recommend Dave the dude above ^. He does good work, he has done alot of work for me in the past and hopefully in the future.

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I have a couple recommendations myself depending on what you need and both to really great work since I myself have used them:

Dave Mac - Pretty brilliant guy to say the least, he has designed me a layout, coded it with the css, html, and the php for the header.

W3Theory Peter - Another great designer, I am just not too sure if he does the php potion of it cause I never asked or received that from him but he does do the rest like design, html/css.

Both parties I believe charged me a very reasonable price for what I asked for and got, and I have no complaints about either of them. But if your looking for the server side stuff maybe go with Dave especially if its heavily modified like you claim.

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