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Arson's credit mod

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Hey people

I'm installing Arson's credit mod (where Paypal is used to purchase credits) and having trouble setting up the IPN. The instructions say to turn on IPN in Paypal, but to do this i have to provide a URL, which im not sure about! Which URL should i be providing?

anybody got any clues?

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So the URL isn't the problem by the look of things, it's more around the ion function on the credits page possibly not doing what's it's meant to. Tried for ages to troubleshoot it but still no luck. Payments go through fine, it's just the ATP credit that doesn't seem to be working! Anyone know if arson is still around anywhere??

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I have talked to spike and think I have found the issue for the most part.

Keep in mind I haven't seen the script or have a copy myself but after speaking with him it seems like the files need to possibly be broken up i.e. credits.php and payment_done.php.

the reason being is I guess credits.php is including globals.php, now what happens when you visit a page and your login session is not there? it redirects you to login.php so paypal can not hit that query string saying that the payment went through because they are being redirected to login.php.

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cheers Kyle

Separated them as suggested, and it does make sense, however doing this alone hasnt sorted the problem.

THrough lots of testing it would seem that the code isn't calling in the pack price , therefore when it compares the price in the database to the price paypal sends, its failing. Still working out why but will post here when sorted so others know for future!

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