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Looking for a potential partner, for my upcoming game.


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Basic Overview:

Hello all, first I would like to introduce myself, my name is Kaine Bennett.

What i would like to discuss is the following with someone.

The game will be based around the underground of the mafia, around extortion illegal fighting, racing, dog fights and so on.

(Game/Domain name has not yet been chosen)

What the game will be using:

The game will be using the RuthlessCity Engine, Which I shall be purchasing a full license for on Thursday 06/06/2013.

I will be re-doing the full ingame layout to suit the game abstact.

Current development status:

I have written about what the game will be about, and can send the plans out for viewing.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

I'm not a great coder, however I'm willing to help with all what I can, beta test,

make the quality insurance, content creation and system administration.

What I/we are looking for:

I really need an expert in Graphic design to re do most of the basic pictures in the engine.

Expenses will be covered by:

I will pay all the hosting, domain name as well as the RuthlessCity Engine license.

Current team:

Me myself and I are currently working on this project.

Share / gain of the partners:

We will split the gain after hosting paid with the following shares: 60% for me 40% for you. (I get 60% as i will be paying for the hosting)


If you are interested or want to know more then please message me. Thank you.

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I didnt know what about 3/4 sites being a fail with it, and i chose this because its cheap. And it has the stuff what i was after like companies, factions and so on.

It's good to have an budget but your reason shouldn't be because it's cheap; their's a lot of free source's you could use. The features you requested could easily been converted from mccode to the engine of your choice.

While choosing an engine you should think about.....

Can you develop it?

Are you comfortable with it?

Do it meet all your retirements?

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I've tried with GRPG, EZRPG, and GL Script. I have failed miserably with all of them, and i've only got a $200 budget atm :/ probs $300 at the most. And yeah I think i could develop it, and I know I will be comfortable with it and yeah it meets all my requirements, its got a good base script to work off.

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