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MCCodes V1

Dragon Blade

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Hello all, I am here to develop a Version 1 MCCodes engine. I am am not to good or not to bad at coding. I am currently using a Wamp Server.

I have bought an Template. (4templates.com) I have coded in the template into the game. (Didnt code the register or login)

I am going to be devolping this game for atleast 2 months.


About LostNation -

At least the world as you knew it. The entire globe around you has fallen prey to war and crime, and has become a lawless frontier where strength and smarts reign supreme. Corrupt cops run the streets with no hesitation to brutality. The very air around you has filled with poisonous gases from nuclear attacks when most of the world went to war, which ultimately left innocent citizens to leave there homes and loved ones either to escape the cruel reality or in search for food. Evil politicians have left their people, showing there true colors, still believe everything they say?

Food, weapons and other required needs have become highly priced resources, and bands of thieves, murderers and mutated humans roam the streets. You are one of the survivors of this holocaust. Do you have what it takes to survive in these streets? Will you be independent and fight it out yourself? Or join a clan to help you in your journey? You decide!

LostNation is a massive multi-player strategy RPG game where you step into the shoes of a desperate survivor, intent on staying alive, claiming your place in this new world order, and even perhaps finding a bit of fortune and fame in this infamous world.

Build your character with many different stats, attack, and discover hundreds of items and enemies to fight, form Alliances with other players, and participate in lots of activities to build your power. Do all of this right in your browser, with no downloads necessary to play.

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Good luck with your project!

Just a side note, "Wamp Server" doesn't really exists, it's rather a package of different programs put together and all configured for you to quickly get started on your web development. The web server you're actually using is called "(A)pache", following the letters standing for each component provided/needed.

W = Windows (OS)

A = Apache



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