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I think i got his name right, basically i think he's a scammer, once i asked for an account for his free web hosting to check out if it was true he said yes it will be free but he kept pushing for

the money for extra stuff, finally he said after a while once he said it was free


To sign up please email me at [email protected] with your information:

First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:



You will receive an email once your account is setup and will be able to login @ http://zpanel.us.to

says it all doesn't it

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I'm missing the point that there was a scam attempt.

Even free hosts alert you to inform you that you can buy hosting.

Moral of the story: Be a tight ass and don't pay for your hosting and you can expect poor standards of conduct.

What's $5 a month to not have to deal with the drama that free hosting gives you?

Know I'd rather pay for a server (Currently paying around $100 monthly) and know it's all running as it should.

As you're not paying for a free host, they don't technically owe you anything, including keeping your site online, IMO

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$300 a month for a webhosting, are you crazy? xD

I only pay 0,6 - 2,8 dollar per month for a webhosting and like 3 dollar or something per year for the domain.

But anyway, ofcourse you will be offered extra stuff that do cost money or simply get alot advertisements somehow.

Everyone need a little income.

And those information he asked for would probably be for an account on his webhosting, just don't use sensitive information like passwords you also use on other websites.. it's as simple as that.

But i have no idea if hes legit or not but by reading what you just said, does not make any difference on that question.

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