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Making Admin A Little Easier

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Not a bad idea, however, not as easy at it seems due to the fact each module you enable / disable can have special enable / disable hooks (for example the chat bar have it), and running then all at the same time could have side effects. Not sure if that would work all that well.

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Well I have had to disable more than 75% of the modules and it took a lot of time because you have to disable, wait for page load, scroll down again, etc.

I plan to have features enabled / disabled based on a time schedule so it will mean enabling and disabling multiple things often which with the way it is setup now can take a lot of time.

Multiply that by running many games and you can see what I mean.

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Enabling or disabling modules are done by creating or removing 1 file inside the module directory: module.lock

That means, if the engine finds this file inside the module directory, the module will be disabled. Nothing else.

For your time based thing, you could simply have a cron which creates or remove the files as required.

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