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Save New Data With Player

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I'm used to working with database columns and inserting the data to the player row.

For instance, player X I need to know how many 'cars' he has and bought. i will normally add a column "cars" for instance to track this. I will create something like a shop where he can buy 2 cars and add it to his current cars count, is what you pointed me to the same thing?

I do not want to manually go and add in the 2 cars to his account via an admin interface.

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You can of course create a new table for specific needs like a shop. However for user info refrain yourself to add columns to the user table. This design has been though to avoid to have modules which must modify core tables, like in McCodes V1, V2 & redux, where each time you install a module (or nearly) you need to modify some table, and where a module could actually be incompatible with another due to the fact both would require incompatible modifications.

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