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Portfolio Site [Feedback]


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Hi there,

I have been working on sorting myself a portfolio site for a while now, since around the beginning of last month, but after many attempts I thought I found what I wanted and coded it up but decided I actually didn’t like that design and it was back to the drawing board.

I have now after doing many other designs think I may have got my favourite design but still feel it can be improved but would like some of your suggestions on how to do so. It’s only the landing page so I just want it to be simple, easy to use and understand as the other pages will have more info upon myself etc.

The logo was done in Illustrator and the layout was done in Photoshop

Please let me know what you think and give me ways in which to improve.

Kind Regards,




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I like it. The logo seems a little off me for, just a bit to oval, doesnt quite seem right. And hard to tell without seeing it, but i'd recommend adding a bit of the red from the logo into the rest of the site.

Not much, just a little here and there.

Nice work mate

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Just had another look, everything you've done seems to be rather simple, so have you thought about coding the whole thing in css instead of using images.

If your going to be changing things every time someone suggests an improvement, it would make it alot easier for you to change a couple things in a css file instead of making a new bunch of images. IMO

Looking better BTW.

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